We are a multidisciplinary research group located at Aarhus University and Cambridge Psychiatry, led by Dr Micah Allen. Our research investigates how our decision-making, emotion, and conscious perception are shaped by visceral and embodied processes. To probe the embodied brain, we use tools like computational modelling, psychophysics, physiological measures, and advanced neuroimaging. Our work is comprised both of basic research into the neural mechanisms underpinning visceral inference, and clinical research seeking to apply these mechanisms to better understand populations suffering from disordered brain-body interaction and mental illness. Our work is supported by an extensive network of international collaborations, as well as generous support from the Lundbeck Foundation, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, and Cambridge Psychiatry. If you would like to join the ECG, get in touch! You can also follow the latest news from our lab at our twitter account, @visceral_mind and at our lab blog.

Do neural responses to heartbeats distinguish self and other in an emotional perspective task?
By Tahnée Engelen
ANS-CNS Integration
By Jenny Robinson


Autonomic modulation of neural high frequency oscillations
By Araceli R. Cardenas