The ECG Talks

The Embodied Computation Group (ECG) hosts a bi-weekly open journal club/lab meeting, where both internal and external researchers at all career levels are invited to give brief informal presentations (20-30 minutes), followed by discussion and networking. Although our group focuses on decision-making, interoceptive inference and perception, we welcome any speaker who would like to present their work on these or other domains.


You are welcome to attend as many meetings as you like, but we ask that you also commit to give at least one presentation at the lab meeting as the ‘price of entry’. Note that you are also welcome to present the work of others if you would like to discuss, e.g. as a journal club.

The meetings are held at 2pm DK time, on alternate Fridays, via Zoom. To sign up, just subscribe to our meeting list, then you will receive regular updates with talk and zoom details.

The program for Winter 2020-2021 is booked (see below), but we’re still looking for speakers after June 2021, so get in touch!

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